Logistics & Supply Chain Management is one of the most dominant sources of competitive benefits in modern times. It endeavors to augment the traditional management by concentrating on the organization and incorporation amongst the various partners of supply chain for better management and thus providing greater value to the consumer.

You will develop and learn to apply analytical tools & approaches in the operation of logistics and supply chain systems along with designing and setting up a warehousing facility. This course will also teach you about developing logistics networks in order to minimize costs and deliver the best customer service.


Study and Learn

  • Logistics Manufacturing & Material Management
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Warehouse Management and Control
  • Transportation & Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution and Networking in SCM
  • Cost Analysis and Measurement in SCM
  • Mathematical Modeling in Logistics
  • Role of Information Technology in SCM

Certified Logistics and SCM specialists could easily acquire employment in various warehousing, distributiontransportation, and shipping conglomerates. This certification offers the basic skills for supply chain management, logistics & global logistics industry. Outstanding supply chain management is indispensable for the smooth and successful functioning of businesses. One of the challenges with globalization is that distance and time are attached to supply chains which in turn results in increased risk, cost and complexity. This can also become an opportunity. Handling the complexities and risks successfully, delivers a competitive edge and positions you or your organization above the rest.

Certificate Program that is offered in Supply Chain Management is a professional certification and should not be confused as official degree generally pursued after graduation to attain fundamental training in understanding the simple flow of substance in the supply chain. Any applicants holding suitable work experience post class 12th or three year diploma can join the course to enrich their on-job skills. Thisprogramme can be studied either as a regular program or weekend program for the duration of 3, 5 or 11 months. Students who are interested could even study the program in distance learning or online mode. Candidates who seek admissions can be undergraduate, graduate or working professionals.

Major topics that are enclosed in Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management course are as follows:

  • Organizational Behavior,Stores Management, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Production Management and Purchasing and Materials Management.
  • World Class manufacturing, Logistics and Distribution Management, Global Supply Chain Management and Outsourced Manufacturing and ERP and web-based Supply Chain Management

The course explains supply chain operations concepts like purchasing,demand forecasting, in-company logistics, inbound logistics, warehousing and distribution, inventory management and more. Taking a Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management course will also enable you to develop skills in spreadsheet modeling for decision making.  

Clearing the Certificate Program in the Supply Chain Management course will open up the way to an exclusive group of specialists. The certification that you received can help you attract the attention of employers and provides technical expertise that trains for entry or middle-level openings and later for executive and managerial levels.