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Specialized and certified classes for Export-Import, Port, Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Freight Forwarding ,Ware housing, Maritime Insurance, Customs and CHA, Maritime Law, International Law,Shipping Law, Admiralty Law, Blue Economy through Online and classroom mode.

Specialized Consultancy for Export-Import, Customs Law, Maritime Law, Shipping Law, International Law, Arbitration and mediation and Marine Insurance. In addition to this, we provide multiple types of career training and business set up classes.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience bear Economy

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the most comprehensive program, designed and developed by a team of Core Industry Professionals. This serves as your ultimate stepping stone for an exciting Logistics career. Our course will equip you with all the knowledge and skills required to get employed quickly and to advance your career faster in the corporate ladder.

  • To Understand about Supply chain management concepts
  • To learn the importance on logistics and supply chain management in the current business scenario
  • Also get some idea about supply chain management Planning

Main topics under this course are;

  • Introduction,International Trade,Export & Import
  • Export –Import Licence & Procedure
  • Export Import Communication & Correspondence
  • Export Import Contract And Incoterms
  • Pre Shipment Inspections
  • Export-Import Finance & Letter Of Credit
  • Export Of Goods And Services Under Gst Regime
  • Risk And Marine Insurance
  • Export-Import Schemes And Export Promotion Councils
  • Foreign Exchange Facilities
  • Fundamentals Of Custom Clearance
  • Export Import Documentation
Generally, Shipping is the transport of goods by sea or some other means. It includes the transport of goods as well as people from one place to another. Due to increase in international trade, demand of shipping is expanded tremendously. Shipping plays a very important role in the growth and development of country. Career in shipping is perfect for the individuals who are fascinated by the sea, love traveling in foreign ports and want to experience different cultures. There is a vast scope in the Shipping & Maritime profession. All courses under this field is very much demanding and in trend. You can make your career in this field if you are interested in travelling world tour & want to gain knowledge of various places and cultures. There is a wide range of scope in logistics and shipping.

Here we focused on:

  • Evolution and scope of Maritime shipping
  • International Trade procedures
  • Export- Import procedures
  • Export contract
  • Incoterms
  • Freight Forwarding & Clearing
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Port procedures Marine Insurance
  • Exim Policy
  • Customs and Tariff

To create industry experts who are skilled and well versed with technologies and procedures of Maritime shipping, International Trade and export import policies.

To familiarize students with the introduction to logistics management, the variables of logistics and its importance in the business function.

  • To understand about Logistics management concepts
  • To learn the importance on logistic in the current business Scenario
  • To identify various dimensions of logistic management
  • To Understand the Global logistics concept

To acquire basic knowledge and necessary skills to work in the Air Cargo section of Airline industry. Through this course students will get the outcome of to develop knowledge on innovative schemes under transportation in Logistics, also can handle about Cargo management.

An introduction to marine insurance: terminology, concepts, types of risk, laws, business, policies, and claims - training course by tutored distance learning.

Marine Insurance delivers the essential knowledge and expertise required to build and enhance your understanding of the industry, including an examination of cargo insurance; Hull and Machinery insurance; and other policies and how they work in practice.

Evaluate the multimodal and intermodal transportation and the maritime transportation. Categorize the freight costing and pricing and illustrate the air mode of transportation. Through examine about the air transport and IATA. To understand various tariffs applicable in sea/air/rail/road pipeline transportation.

Here, we more focused on India based Maritime Trade.

  • Maritime History
  • Middle Ages and Maritime Trade
  • Trade during the British Era
  • Growth of Maritime Trade

It deals with the development of Maritime Trade. Here to understand the origin and emergence of sea trade, examine the need for features and the components of Indian economic system, reasons and the need for regulating economic cycles in India.

  • Countries and Trade
  • Transportation and Type of Cargo
  • Transportation of General Cargo
  • Transportation of Specialize Cargoes

This course is a great choice for the students who wish to acquire specialized knowledge in shipping and related matters. The main focus of the course lies on covering large areas of maritime insurance, national maritime law, environmental laws, piracy, and laws governing the carriages of various goods that take place through the sea, international sale of goods, legislation drafting, and the law of contracts.

  • Introduction to International Law
  • International Maritime Law and Piracy
  • Maritime security and Dispute settlement Mechanism

This course is intended to introduce you to the fundamentals of customs regulation and procedure. Whether you are new to the international trading environment or are seeking to undertake a more operational role in this field, this course is for you. While our more advanced courses will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the various topics, this introductory course is designed to help you gain a general understanding and basic knowledge of the key concepts, relevant processes and terminology.

A freight forwarder is responsible for all these activities. Thus, creating huge opportunities for certified freight forwarding professionals. Due to increased globalization and international trade, importing and exporting has become essential activities for many companies, today. But, the process, paperwork, and regulations involved in international trade may seem cumbersome.

Learn & Study

  • Freight Planning
  • Freight Transportation
  • Surface Transport
  • Containerisation
  • Sea Transport
  • Airline Transport
  • International Freight Transport
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Future Developments

Oceans are vital, not only to a wide array of biodiversity and ecosystems, but also to the food chains, livelihoods and climate regulation for a human population heading towards nine billion people. That is why this short course is essential because it introduces the concept of the blue economy and explores how countries can benefit from it thus the livelihoods and well-being of people living on coastal areas and islands. Understand the concept of circular economy and its connectivity with the sustainability completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Explain the Blue Economy concept.
  • Recognize the importance to sustainably manage the marine resources.
  • Identify ways in which entrepreneurs can create innovative business opportunities.
  • Describe the economic benefits of the Blue Economy.
  • Describe the relationship between the Blue Economy and sustainable development.

Managers and officers who frequently deal with arbitration matters and have to instruct and manage lawyers, Lawyers looking to specialize arbitration, Lawyers looking to build corporate litigation practice, Law students looking to work in corporate law firms in commercial litigation team or in-house legal teams in large companies, Lawyers working for companies that deal with mega-contracts (contracts worth INR 100 Cr and more),Industry experts with significant experience who want to become arbitrators etc. can pursue this course Arbitration is the future of dispute litigation and is fast replacing litigation. This course teaches you how to resolve disputes effectively through arbitration. A quick perspective of mediation and conciliation is also provided. It is the most hands-on practical training currently available in the country on the subject.

Here we are providing the awareness about International business and trade, its dimensions. To learn the challenges in international business, know various organizations involved in Trade and business.

To impart conceptual and practical knowledge to students on Warehousing and distribution system. After completing the course students will be able to apply the knowledge of Warehousing and distribution centre operations in the real-life situation. It enhances their ability and professional skills.

Administration jobs are everywhere; it’s from the bottom to top level. This course is particularly planned for the students those who are seeking for a professional job in any Multinational company. There are plenty of Administration job opportunities waiting for you in the Techno Park, Infosys and International companies in India & abroad also the upcoming multinational ventures like techno city etc. But at the same time you make sure that your capabilities and skills are quite enough to match with the requirements of these jobs. An academic degree is not enough to catch-up these surprising opportunities, but certain special skills to be added & developed to achieve such Goals.

  • An Introduction about Entrepreneur
  • Various Types of Business Organization
  • Source of Business Capital
  • Achievement Theory for An Entrepreneur
  • Project Report
  • Entrepreneur and Legal Knowledge
  • Crisis Management in Entrepreneurship
  • Write Your Resume
  • Job Hunting Techniques in India and Abroad
  • Personality Developments & Interview Skills
  • Healthy, Employer -Employ Relationship
  • Entrepreneurs and Employs: Social Commitments
  • Goal Setting, Team Work, Decision Making, And Leadership Qualities
  • Greeting over the telephone, round the table, seeking for help, agreeing
  • And disagreeing, asking to be quite, getting somebody’s attention, to buy time during conversation or discussion etc.
  • Business Correspondence - English Written & Spoken (Office Language)
  • Office Administration Procedures
  • Front Office Assistance
  • Sales & Office Coordination
  • Customer Service
  • Computer Training

A customs house agent or CHA is responsible to oversee business transactions related to the import and export of goods at the customs station. The agents look after the various stages of entry or departure of any shipment and maintain itemized, updated accounts of the many details related to import and export.

Our institute helps candidates to clear the CHA exam and also providing guidance for the documentation.

The legal profession plays an important role in the administration of justice. The lawyers are considered to be the center of the administration of justice. LLMTC conducting classes like:

  • Tuition classes for all Law subjects.
  • Entrance coaching
  • Legal writings
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