The study of port and shipping management is fast becoming one of the appealing careers in India. To get employed in the utilitarian sectors of port and shipping, one is required to complete this degree in Port and Shipping Management. The candidates intending to appear for Port and Shipping Management course would require a clear-cut view about the interrelated domains like – maritime economics, maritime law, the entire idea of supply chain and its related holistic logistics.

The fine distinction of India’s shipping industry and its associated fields play a crucial and pivotal role in the economy of the whole world. If any candidate is leaning towards attaining broad knowledge about the management strategies used in the shipping industry, then he/she should go for this degree. 

There is a great deal of functioning and administrative activities that take place behind-the-scenes of the consignment of products or goods from one port to another. Therefore, if anybody has a flair for storing this type of facts and figures, then following a career in Port and Shipping Management will pave the pathway for a brilliant future. Right from attaining all theoretical knowledge to showcasing a technical front of the theory-based knowledge, this program brings forth the best from you.

Those who can handle the pressure-filled area of procedures that need to be sorted for the conveyance of substances to and from the docks are the only ones who can endure through this course.

Once applicants have finished their training in Port and Shipping Management, they are eligible enough or capable enough to get hands-on experience of all the concepts they have read about in books.

There is no limit as this industry shapes the global economy. Certain work fields demand the aid of a student in Port and Shipping Management. Such work fields are – 

  • Import and Export Business Firms
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Business Houses
  • Consultation and Shipping Companies
  • Harbours
  • Ports
  • Chartering Management
  • Container Yard Management

The industry of port and shipping management is getting refined every day as India is actively carrying out more exports to get stabilized economically. 

Port and Shipping Management degree will definitely bring about the transformation of hesitant students into more confident ones by offering them with an ever-growing comprehensive bucket-list of subjects that spans over two years.

  • Customs and Shipping Law
  • Accounts and Finance Management
  • Maritime Business and Business Communication
  • Marketing and Maritime Economics
  • Research Methodology and Organizational Behavior
  • IT System and Port Planning
  • Linear Trade and Linear Transport Management