N A N O O ' S G R O U P



As a youngster I too was searching for an ‘easy to earn opportunity’ after my B-tech studies. Usually we end up in an inappropriate position of almost no value in such situations. It was during this time two of my intimate colleagues (Nabil K H& Vishnu S) introduced me to NANOOS shipping and Logistics Academy. It was the beginning of one of the most remarkable journey in my life. The decision that I made on that day made me whatever I’m today. Yes, the decision to become a member of “NANOOS” group. It opened the new doors for a bright and more optimistic way of life. At Nanoos I was taught to ‘DREAM BIG REALLY BIG’ No tedious study schedule, Nothing hard to follow, at Nanoos we were just taught how to chase our dreams. At Nanoos we are and will always remain a wonderful family working towards a single goal of attaining the highest position in each and everyone one of ours’ career in order to serve the humanity and thereby eventually to become a better human; which we realize is the ultimate cause of our very existence. This is the very essence of Nanoos. We share and care for our fellow beings. Apart from Shipping and Logistics (Main Subject) we were also thought about personal grooming etiquettes, to handle our language skills professionally, the importance of Management and the relevance of Economics. Essentially all these strategies helped to mold us into a professionally trained individual ready to meet any of the challenges out there in this technologically advanced world. All these achievements couldn’t have been possible without the combined efforts of our most respected teachers. The very first being the person who took the initiative for laying the foundation for such a wonderful vision, our dearest and greatest one and only Mr. Nanoo Viswanathan Sir and his family. Secondly the tiger in command Mr. Sudheer K N, colleague and dearest friend to Mr. Viswanathan Sir and Co-owner of Navio Shipping and Logistics, Dubai. Then our dearest and friendly Dpty. Superintended of Police, our very own Mr. Vijayakumar Sir. Then our greatest inspiration Anupama Madam and the list goes on. All thank you for all those who I missed out here. Thank you dear colleagues and friends. Best wishes for the new comers and guys LETS’ CHASE DOWN ALL OUR DREAMS TOGETHER!!